How do I join the scheme?
Customer can join either by walking into our office, filling the application online, or call our office and we will send our marketing agents to meet you within the Gambia for assistance with the filling.
What if am based in the Diaspora and want to join the scheme?
In order to join the scheme, please fill our user friendly application online. Once it is filled, we will communicate to you via email.
How do i know how many blocks I need?
We have house plans for 2 bedroom houses, 3 bedroom houses, 4 bedroom houses which will state the amount of blocks needed, which will state the amount of blocks needed for the foundation and erection to give the customer an idea. We also have the fencing sheet, which estimates the amount of blocks needed for various plot sizes. Please look at the “block requirement” section of the website.
What if the block does not meet industry quality?
In the terms and conditions of the contract, it states that whenever the customer is unhappy with the quality, all blocks are returned in cash at the market price to the customer from Amiscus Horizon.
What if am based in the Diaspora and want to effect a payment?
With our customer in the USA and UK, please enquire for our UK and USA foreign account, which you can deposit into. All you have to do is deposit and notify us with the deposit reference.
What if i am not in USA or UK, how do I pay?
You can either pay us through you local money transfer agents in which we pick up from in Gambia, money gram, and western union or online via our Paypal account on a monthly basis.
What if i want to pay in foreign currencies because am based in the diaspora?
You will have to obtain the tariff rate sheet in either US Dollar or GBP, which is available under the tariff section of our website.
Who transports the blocks to my site?
We transport throughout the Gambia free of charge.
How do I know how many blocks I have?
We send out monthly statements to customer showing the balance of blocks saved to dated. We send it via email, text or paper. You can also login online to obtain your balance for a particular period.
How do I buy blocks if I do not want to save? (Cash purchases)
In the event the customers want to buy a certain amount of blocks, please email and we give you an invoice.
How do we trust Amiscus to know the blocks are in place?
We have a yearly audit done by a reputable audit firm in the Gambia to issue out a stock report detailing every members balance.