Block Saving Scheme

The Block Saving Scheme involves building your house on a “pay as you go model” which means simply saving cement blocks on a monthly basis and when you have enough for the building or fencing activity it is transported to your site free of charge. What this means is that instead of saving for a huge cash inflow to build a dream house, you can simply start saving a package as low as D500 to D6000 per month and within 2 – 5 years all required blocks of the house is available for construction, which means a majority of the cost to raise the structure is already addressed.

In terms of quality, we are standing behind our quality because in the event quality does not meet the required standards, the customer will be paid back at the market price the total amount of blocks in depot.
For example a 3 bedroom bungalow needs an amount of 3,975 blocks (Please see the block requirement guide) including foundation and erection. With Amiscus you can choose a package from D1,300 which is 71 blocks per month, totaling to 857 blocks a year so within 4 to 5 years all blocks are in place to take it to the next stage which is putting the structure together.

There are currently other financing models being developed which will further make, the building process easier and straightforward for the low and middle income earners starting from January 2015 including The Gambia’s First Building Material Exchange Platform